Deerfield Christmas Rides

All Rides for Deerfield load from 4501 Legacy Drive which is at the Village Church (formerly the Legacy Church) Parking Lot.

The Open Carriage – $145 Reserve Now

(4-6 Passengers) The Open Carriages are perfect for immediate families and the romantic evening.  As always, We bring the blankets and Christmas music, you bring the drinks and Holiday Spirit. This carriage is for the romantic couple, date night with friends, or the immediate family to spend quality time enjoying the site of December in Deerfield. All carriages seating capacity is firm! There is no additional seating capacity on any of the carriages.

The Princess – $195 Reserve Now

(4-6 Passengers) This carriage is unique and one of a kind and suited for the true “Cinderella Experience.”  If you are wanting to impress for “Date Night” consider this a one of a kind way to top off the evening, or get the evening started. If you have that Little Princess that really believes she IS Cinderella, then give her that experience on the Princess Carriage. At least for an hour, make believe can become reality. As always, blankets and Christmas Music are provided and you are welcome to bring whatever you’d like to drink. Lids are strongly recommended. Bring the camera, you wont want to leave without a picture in the Princess Carriage this year for Christmas 2015.

The Original Party Wagon – $195 Reserve Now

(8-10 passengers)  The Original Party Wagon accommodates larger family groups or if you have a group of 6-7 that wants extra room for your hour ride, and don’t feel like the carriage will be comfortable for an hour.    The Wagonette is wooden wheeled and pulled by a large draft horse.  We bring the blankets and Christmas music, you bring the drinks and Holiday Spirit, just like the other carriages and wagons.  Much like the carriages, there is no additional seating available on this wagonette.

The Wagonette – $250 Reserve Now

(12 Passengers) Both of the Wagonettes seat approximately 12 passengers.  One of these is Wooden Wheeled and the other is Rubber Tiered, but both are certainly horse drawn!  Either wagonette is perfect for a couple families or small group celebrating the Christmas Season.  As always, We bring the blankets and Christmas music, you bring the drinks and Holiday Spirit.

The Parade Wagon – $295 Reserve Now

(18-20 Passengers) Likely our most popular choice during Christmas!  These are perfect for multiple families, corporate parties, family gatherings, and Christmas Parties.  The Parade Wagons are puled by a pair of draft horses and seat 18-20 passengers.  If your party is mostly children, you should be able to get a full 20 passengers on the wagon.  If it is mostly adults, 18 would be capacity for sure.  Your driver will have Christmas music and blankets.  If you want to bring extras, that is always welcome as they will not likely have enough for individuals.  Feel free to bring the cookies, candy, and beverages for the group. Small coolers or a thermos would be certainly welcome.   If you want to bring treats for the horses, we will give them at the end of the shift for sure.  The Horses always look forward to that time of the night…

Weather Policy – in the event of bad weather, we will start canceling reserved rides at 4:00 on the day of the reservation if we will not be able to operate.  NOT BEFORE. Please provide a text friendly number as a contact so that we may reach a large number of people more efficiently.  We will attempt to contact you until we actually hear from you via text, phone, or email.   If we have to cancel due to bad weather, Refunds will be processed, on our end, within 7 days of the night after we canceled.  The determining factor for us canceling any night would be based on our ability to keep the seats dry on the carriages.  This means if there is a light mist or threatening rain, but not actually raining, we will likely attempt to operate.  The Open Carriages have convertible tops,  so they sometimes operate when the Cinderella/Princess Carriages and wagons cannot.  WE WILL NOT CANCEL FOR WIND OR COLD.