Christmas DecorationsNorthStar Carriages would like to take a second and wish everyone a Merry Christmas 2018. Christmas season for us starts in November and continues through December 31st.  Starting in mid-November we will participate in several City Sponsored Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Community Holiday Kickoffs, and parades/private parties that go with the Holiday Season.

Christmas Rides for Deerfield OR Highland Park kick off on November 23rd 2018.  So book your ride now to get the time you prefer.

For 2 decades we are proud to say we have made memories for families, couples, co-workers, and friends.  Moms, dads, kids, grandparents, great-grandparents, or that special person all enjoy a ride through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage, wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping hot chocolate while listening to the sounds of the horses hoofs beating on the street and enjoying the beautiful Christmas light displays.

Weather Policy – in the event of bad weather, we will start canceling reserved rides at 4:00 on the day of the reservation if we will not be able to operate.  NOT BEFORE. Please provide a text friendly number as a contact so that we may reach a large number of people more efficiently.  We will attempt to contact you until we actually hear from you via text, phone, or email.   If we have to cancel due to bad weather, Refunds will be processed, on our end, within 7 days of the night after we canceled.  The determining factor for us canceling any night would be based on our ability to keep the seats dry on the carriages.  This means if there is a light mist or threatening rain, but not actually raining, we will likely attempt to operate.  The Open Carriages have convertible tops,  so they sometimes operate when the Cinderella/Princess Carriages and wagons cannot.  WE WILL NOT CANCEL FOR WIND OR COLD.

DeerfieldClick here to reserve

Deerfield is in Plano on Legacy Drive between Ohio and Preston Meadow. The carriages leave from the Newly-Named Village Church (formerly the Legacy Church) which is at 4501 Legacy Dr.

Hours of Operations are 6:00 pm thru 11:30 pm 7 days a week weather permitting.

The rides are 50-55 min long which allows the horses to rest/water in between.  This also allows for pictures at the beginning and the end of the ride if you so choose.

We do take walk ups, but they are subject to availability and most rides are by reservation.   Seldom is a walk up available early in the evening.  We suggest that you book your ride in the Fall.


The carriage will Seat 4-6 average sized adults for $145.00

Princess Carriage

This carriage seats 4-6 average sized adults for $195

Party Wagon

This wagon seats 8-10 average sized adults for $195


This wagon seats 12 average sized adults for $250

Parade/Family Wagon

This wagon seats 18-20 average sized adults for $295

Our price does not include any Gratuities/Tips for your horse and driver.

Highland ParkClick here to reserve

Christmas Decorations

Our rides depart from On The Boarder at the corner of Knox and Cole (3130 Knox). Check out On The Boarder’s dinner special on the booking page!

Hours of Operations are 5:00 pm until Midnight 7 days a week weather permitting.

Our tours are about 50-55 minutes long which allows us to give our horses a break as well as water between rides. This also allows for time to snap a quick photo of the Christmas Memory.

All rides are by reservation only, and we suggest that you book in the Fall 2018 to get the time you want.

The Open Carriage 

Seats 4-6 average sized adults for $175.00

The Justin Carriage

Seats 4 average sized adults for $175

The Cinderella Carriage

Seats 4-6 average sized adults for $205.00

The Wagonette

Seat 12 average sized adults for $275

The Parade Wagon

Seats 18-20 average sized adults for $310

Our price does not include any Gratuities/Tips for your horse and driver.

We also offer our services for Parties and Special Events

December is also a time for private events. We can come to your house or business and entertain outside while you entertain inside. What a perfect memory and great way to say thank you to your guest. Call or email us for prices and availability.

Christmas Decorations