Dallas West End

The prices listed are for a pick up and drop off in the West End (1800 N. Market St) and are “first come first serve.”  If your pick up OR drop off location is NOT going to be in the West End please fill out a  Price Quote so that we may provide you with an accurate price.  

For Reservations in Dallas, CLICK HERE

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Prices do not include Gratuity for your horse and driver.

Wheelchair service is available upon request.  Please call 214-441-9996 for assistance and we will be happy to assist you with your ride.

Cinderella and Princess Carriages do NOT work every day.  Walk up rides are additional $15-$25 more for these carriages.  Wedding are $50 additional in the Central Business District, $100 additional for Weddings outside the downtown area.  



Standard Historical Tour or Romantic Ride – $45

The Standard Tour goes by the JFK Museum, Dealy Plaza, The Kennedy Memorial, the John Nealy Bryan Log Cabin, with a view of the Dallas Skyline and the “tour” is optional for the passengers.

For this ride, you can also choose the Romantic Option.  It is designed for couples or those who don’t want the driver cluttering up the ambiance of the carriage and sound of the horse’s hooves clopping on the pavement. This ride is perfect for the spontaneous date night.

Either option takes about 20 minutes

1/2 Hour Historical Tour or Romantic Ride – $65

If you choose the 1/2 hr Romantic Ride, possible destination options could be: Thanksgiving Square, The Arts District, Pioneer Park (bronze cattle drive) or thru Victory Park.

This ride is 30 minutes.

Grand Tour – $100

With an hour to spend, passengers can bring your favorite beverages or food baskets for the ride. Several routes are available for your enjoyment.  We can do a Historical Tour, a Romantic ride or a combination tour.  These things can be determined at the time of the ride, just discuss your interests with the driver and they will accommodate accordingly.

Fort Worth

Enjoy dinner at your favorite Restaurant and then go for a nice quite ride through the streets of downtown

Fort Worth in Sundance Square.

The following prices are for walk up customers only.    

(The carriage stand is at 2nd and Houston St in front of the Renaissance Worthington Hotel.)

Standard ride: 20 minutes $45.00

Extended Ride: 30 minutes $65.00

Grand Tour: 60 minutes  $100.00

North Star Carriage has a Zero Tolerance Policy in regards to drugs an alcohol.  If one of our employees is suspected of being “under the influence,” please report either to the City of Dallas (214) 670-3161 OR feel free to call our main number at 214-441-9996.  These situations will be handled immediately.

Also, if there is a need to register a complaint to the City, you may do so at the Department of Aviation, Transportation Regulation Division.  Their phone number is 214-670-3161 or by fax at 214-670-6968.